The company has a very versatile structure allowing us to produce mass production products and also smaller ranges. We have the technicians, the machinery and the know how to produce outwear in circular knitting fabrics. We also have a big range of selected suppliers that in partnership allow us to offer our clients a confident vertical service.


Our design team is available to assist and work together with the client in the process of developing new models, in order to ensure that he gets the desired result.


Here, we turn the ideas and creativity of the design department into reality, ensuring that it is possible to obtain production with greater efficiency and high quality of construction.


It is the extension of the modeling department, and aims to optimize the use of the mesh thus reducing its waste.


It is the oldest department of the Company and consequently the most refined. Our employees are very experienced and their passion is reflected in all the garments they manufacture.

With well-structured and documented work procedures, we guarantee compliance with the customer’s quality requirements and standards.


The first view of the garment is crucial to have a sale. That is why each garment receives all the necessary attention to look it’s best.

Here we have the final quality control of the products where we guarantee that any non-conforming garment is filtered.




We are a textile clothing manufacturing company with many years of experience that excels in the quality of its products.




We don’t just supply clothes, we provide a multi-channel service that ranges from ideas, solutions and designs. Including creativity and design in everything we do.

In order to achieve our objectives, we count on the important help of our employees, who with all their experience are one of the pillars of the Company. We also have our selected partners, whose ideals and work ethic are based on values of quality and responsibility consistent with ours.



The Company is divided into several work groups, composed of experienced technicians and state of the art machinery that results in a very efficient production line and high quality products.




Rua Francisco Lima Júnior, 151
4800-840 São Salvador de Souto
Guimarães, Portugal