Founded in 1987, Cunha & Ribeiro is a circular knit garment producer based in the North of Portugal.
Currently managed by three brothers, this family-owned business exports ready-made textile products worldwide.
This family business brings together the necessary skills to offer a hands-on approach to managing every aspect of the supply chain from concept to delivery.

Our family-owned business focuses on making our customers’ lives easier by providing a 360° production
process, taking the challenges from their hands to ours.
With over 30 years of experience in the industry, it’s no surprise that we do textiles the right way.




We provide new ideas in all branches of the supply chain. From new yarn developments, fabrics, finishings, dying processes, embroideries, printing to accessories, we provide our customers with quality and innovative solutions.




We believe that design starts with a deep understanding of our clients’ needs. Therefore, CR has a team of experienced designers with retail backgrounds to provide the maximum focused product development for each client. We offer our customers the bold design, confort, handfeel, colors and a wide range of qualities.




Our reliable fast response model is based on our commitment to comply with clients needs, skills and long term relationships with our supply chain partners.
With us you will find a true ally, able to provide you with superb quality control and merchandising.


Our verticality allows us to articulate the operations in order to generate the necessary flexibility to react to changes in the market, adjusting production to orders, managing to develop innovative products in the desired quantities, with a very reduced time-to-market.
CR´s production capacity has improved and grown over the years, starting as a MADE IN PORTUGAL manufacturer, to becoming a flexible production chain, with a mix of our own production unit with well selected subcontractors, both in Portugal as in Morocco, that can adapt to each of our customers’ requirements and systems.


One of our unique specialities is providing our clients with reliable, sustainable and ethical garment manufacturing and production services. We aim to enable our clients to source more sustainably by integrating a wide portfolio of industry-relevant certifications into our suppliers / factories.





Tel: (+351) 253 570 401
Rua de Santa Maria, 2647
4800-675 Souto Santa Maria
Guimarães, Portugal